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HELP! Need to finish this am! -- I am trying to convert and iMovie, using quicktime (am confused by all the options in Quicktime) and then burn the movie onto a DVD. I tried saving the movie as a quicktime file (because I am thinking that is the type of file most people will be able to view on their computers), but it is 7 GB -- too big for a DVD. I have tried a couple of other settings and the file is then very small (411 MB) and jumpy when I view it.


The iMovie is an 18 minute series of slides, using the Ken Burns effect, put to music, aspect ratio is 4:3. I need to convert it into the highest quality possible and burn it onto a DVD so that anyone can watch it on their computers or whatever. And I need to do it this morning!!!!


Can you help me????



MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    In iMovie version 10 you "Share to File" and in the next dialog window change the size to 480.

    In iMovie version 9 you export to iDVD.

    Your machine doesn't have a DVD burner or iDVD software so you'll need an external drive and a DVD authoring app.

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    Hi -- I am using iMovie 11 (version 9.0.9). I have iDVD and I have an external DVD burner. But I don't know what settings to use when converting it to a Quicktime Movie (if that is even the best format to use if I want most people to be able to view it) and I don't understand how to burn the DVD. When I open iDVD it wants me to create a whole new project.


    Sorry to be dense...



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    From iMovie version 9 choose "Share" then "Export" and pick a 480 size to use with iDVD.