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my iphone 4 is frozen and I can not reset by pressing sleep button since the spring in it conveniently broke after the warranty ran out.  I need help, this is my young daughter phone and she is out of town and she has it with her.  Trying to reset it on icloud but it only says to go to your mac computer which I have windows computer to reset the phone.  Anybody know what to do?

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    If you have a Mac computer (I'm not sure if you do or not), try to reset the phone by syncing it with the Mac. Unfortunately, I don't know of any other ways to fix this issue -- the broken spring presents a large problem. You might need to end up going into an Apple store and buying a new phone. You should be able to have the sim card in the current phone be put into the new phone, but since the warranty has run out, you unfortunately will probably not be able to get a replacement phone.


    Hope this helps a little. Sorry to hear of the issue with your daughter's phone.

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    Thank you, this has happened once before.  I was told in the apple store that I could just go on itunes and the cloud to fix the problem but they didn't tell me I needed a mac computer.  I have a windows computers.  Thank you again for your response.  I will never purchase apple again.  I can just take my battery out of my android and it clears any problems up, other than that I never have issues with my android.

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    You're welcome. It would be convenient if you could sync an iPhone with a Windows computer but that unfortunately doesn't work! I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Best of luck with everything.