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I use Time Machine to store files in an external hard drive. I don't like this system. I find it very difficult to find and retrieve files when I need them, although I have to admit that it once saved some important files for me. Anyway, I think there might be a vastly superior way, so I came here to see if it has any merit. Briefly, what I propose is to use another computer for a backup. If this is possible, it would enable me to instantly find anything that is now on my main computer, and to find it in the same place where it is in my main computer. Yes, I know a computer costs more than an external hard drive, but if this method could be used as I have indicated, I would certainly be willing to buy a lower priced computer for this purpose (I really dislike using external hard drives).


Is this possible?

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)
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    Sure, but it is odd and for it to work as desired, you need to store all you documents in he cloud so they will always be in sync.

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    Well, I thought you might have been mistaken, but since no one else has made any comments, you may be right. I find that to be very disappointing. Maybe external hard drives are a way to store things, but they're certainly not a very good way, and I'm not the only one who feels that way. Once, before I miraculously recovered my iPhoto and iTunes files, I hired a computer expert to do the job for me, because I didn't know how to do it. The result? He retrieved a few files but not most of them. Worse, he told me that nothing more could be done. Fortunately, he didn't charge much, and I would have recommended him until I accidentally retrieved all of the missing files. Using external hard drives is not easy, and it's sure not intuitive. That's why I thought of using another computer to do the job right.  Yes, I thought that creating a duplicate computer would be the perfect answer. Just think of being able to find everything just where you know it should be. That would be ideal, but it doesn't seem to be possible. If anyone knows how it can be done, please let me know.