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Gendril Level 1 (0 points)
Does anyone know a way to restart or shut down a computer using just the keyboard?

I looked at the following article:

It says that the Ctrl+Eject key will bring up a dialogue and it does not. It also says CtrlCommandEject will close all programs and restart. I tried it and it does not work. Any ideas?

In keyboard shortcuts in the System Preferences I have everything checkmarked and restored defaults. Anything else?

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Huh, I have used the CtrsCommandEject shortcut before, and it wokrs fine.

    How long did you hold the keys down for?

    I think it is supposed to be something like 2-5 seconds or such, I know I held them down for a few moments before anything happened.

    iBook G4, 1.42 GHz PowerPC, 512 MB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   iPod mini, a D-link wireless base @ 54 Mbps, and I wish I had a MacBook pro
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    Hi, Gendril. Welcome to the Discussions.

    A more abbreviated document addressing those keyboard shortcuts is "Mac OS: Apple Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for Shut Down and Restart."

    1. Are you running any third-party utilities which permit you to define your own keyboard shortcuts?

    2. What happens when you use those keyboard shortcuts? Nothing?

    3. Tell us more about the keyboard you are using:
    3.1. Is this problem with:
    (a) The keyboard on your iBook?
    (b) An external Apple Pro keyboard?
    (c) An external, third-party keyboard?
    3.2. If (b) or (c), does the problem not occur when using the iBook's built-in keyboard?

    3.3. If (c), did you install any manufacturer-provided software for the third-party keyboard? If so, check their Web site for an update to such.

    3.4. Have you changed how the fn key works using the instructions in "Mac OS X 10.4 Help: Using function keys on portable computers"? This may affect how the Eject key works.
    4. An errant Startup or Login Item maybe the cause. My "Troubleshooting Startup and Login Items" FAQ can help you pin that down if such an item is causing the problem.

    5. If none of the above apply, then immediately after the problem occurs, check the ends of these Console logs for clues.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Smoke
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