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Hey guys! Last week I went out and bought my apple tv and I hooked it up to my macbook pro. It was working great I did the home sharing and everything. Well this week I had the guys from charter come and check my internet since It was messing up and they changed the router box. Ever since then my mabook will not sync to my apple tv at all. the airplay botton is not available and although I have home sharing turned on its still saying that its not connected. Could someone please help me fix this??


Thank you so much!


  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Contact charter to adjust the settings on the router to allow AirPlay to work.

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    Is the new router's SSID (network name) and Password different from the original router?  If so, you need to update your AppleTV's wifi network settings.

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    I have exactly the same problem. It can be solved by turning off the Apple TV device, unplugging from power leaving it for aboput 5 minutes and then re-connecting. The problem is that mine will then disengage again after a few minutes or a few hours. This is both frustrating and ultimately pointless. There must be a better fix, or it's money back time

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    Could you better explain what you mean by "disengage"?  Does the AppleTV just stop playing content and no longer connect to your iTunes library?


    I was having problems with this and it was an issue with my router.  The router would reassign IP addresses and cause a connection to drop.  I had to manually assign a static IP address for the device. 



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    Dear digitizedsociety


    Thank you for your response. Your understanding is correct. When I say disengage I mean the AppleTV/iTunes Homesharing connection is lost. My computer name disappers from the TV screen under "settings > computer" and the rectangle symbol with pyramid inside alongside the volume control on the Movies page of iTunes disappers also.


    The Apple TV box and my Mac are no more than 10feet apart with no obstructions. All other wifi connections in the house work perfectly well, e.g. cable tv/file sharing between laptops/pc/iCloud etc.


    I am not computer savvy. If you believe you may have a fix please be so kind as to explain as if im an idiot.


    Any assistance appreciated

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    Here is the AppleTV trouble shooting guide which includes steps for troubleshooting "unexpected disconnects".



    Here is a good step by step that shows how to manually assign the IP via the AppleTV interface.  Please note that their values would not be the same as your Router.  In step 3, take note of the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router Address, DNS Address.


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    Thanks again for your support. I tried both the "unexpected disconnects" and the "manually assign IP". When manuallky assigning my IP address my screens were not quite the same as your screen shots but it was near enough to be able to follow.


    Sure enough two minutes after getting connected the movie I was watching stopped, a solid black screen appeared with the words "To access your iTunes library on Apple TV, turn on Home Sharing in iTunes on your computer using "..........." this field contained my iTunes User name".


    When I go to my computer >iTunes>File>Home Sharing the message displayed says "Turn off home sharing". It therefore thinks it is connected to Apple TV. On the Apple TV a notice says it is connected to my Wifi network.


    I appreciate your assistance, however, I think it time for a visit to my reseller and cash back.


    Thank you

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    Master Bates wrote:


    When I go to my computer >iTunes>File>Home Sharing the message displayed says "Turn off home sharing". It therefore thinks it is connected to Apple TV.

    No, that is not what that message means at all.  It simply means that iTunes recognizes that Home Sharing is turned on.  Home Sharing was available long before the ATV and has nothing to do with iTunes being "connected" to an ATV as that simply doesn't happen.


    The issue is a network issue.  Resolve your network issue and the streaming issues will go away.