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Hello I am new to MAC and received my new MAC Air yesterday. I am moving from a Windows XP computer and going through the setup. I installed Microsolf Office 365 for MAC and used the migration assistant to move my office anfiles that ran through the night. This moring it appears the files transferred fin and everything was workig. I shut the MAC down to install a keyboard and monitor and when i started back up I had 3 user choice to log in wiyh. One was the user account that I had set up when I fiirst got the MAC, one was an Administer user, and the other was the username that had been on the old windows PC. I assumed this was transferred during the file migration. I tried to log in under this user account but when I entered the password I had used on the windows computer it woulld accept it. I could log in withe the MAC user account that I had set up but under this user account I cannot find the file files that are were moved to the MAC. My questions is that what happens in the file and settings migration. Is there a way ro reset the password with the user name from my old windows PC. I was bale to set a pasword for administratoe but stil cann ot the the files that were moved.


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