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    I'm sure the disk works as I have used it before and I am certain the optical drive works because I only put a cd onto iTunes a few days ago, I do have an external hard drive but not another Mac. I could use one at University but I'm not sure whether it will let me all student accounts are restricted. But thanks for the reply, I have booked an appointment with an Apple Genius on Thursday so I will attempt installing it from an external drive as you suggest before then.

    I think I tried to install from an external drive before, but I had to trick my mac into thinking it was a dick I think, can't remember how I did that.

  • AustinJGibson Level 3 Level 3 (810 points)

    Usually student accounts allow you to use Disk Utility. They did at my school, at least. I hope the Genius Bar gets everything worked out for you!



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    go to terminal and then type date

    press return key

    type : date mmddhhmmyyyy
    press return key


    try and restart and install from disk again

  • Lynda Botez1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I just did this for my mac Pro.


    The new SSD needs to be formatted.  The easiest way for me was to install a bootable copy of Mavericks on a thumb drive.  Google how to do this. MacWorld has a good tutorial.


    Once you have done that, just plug in the thumb drive into your computer, reboot, and you should be able to format the drive (in the menu when the Mavericks boots up to install, you just select disc utility).  Then format it "mac os extended journaled".


    Then you should be able to install a new version of Mavericks or your backup files which you should have created from your current SSD installation....

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    Is your SSD already placed inside your MBP? If so, and supposing you hooked it properly on the logic board, you should be able to run the installer, use its Disk Utility to wipe the drive clean (I know it's brand new, but you must format it anyway), create a new startup volume that's usually called MacintoshHD, using the "HFS+, journaled" file system.


    If you can manage that, you're in business...


    Also note that SSDs need trimming every once in a while, which Apple doesn't readily supports on drives it doesn't sell, but there are ways to enable trimming on such third-party drives...

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