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I have the SoundAmp app installed on my iPhone 4s and use it to make recordings.  But some are too big to email, so you're supposed to be able to download them via Safari and Bonjour.  But enabling Bonjour on Safari is not helping to find the recordings.  How do you do this?  Is there supposed to be a Bonjour on the iPhone Safari?  If so, I cannot find it.  I made sure on same WiFi connection with my Mac and enabled Bonjour on the Mac Safari thinking that it might find the recordings that way, but no luck.  The only successful Bonjour enabled access is to my Epson printer.  Any suggestions out there?  Soundamp is a GingerLabs product, but not much out there in terms of support info.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, during reset and restore attempt