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When I plug in the charger into my 17" 1.33. It will not charge. The light on the cord flashes from green to orange to off over and over while the laptop clicks and the screen dims up and down.

When I plug it in the led ring turns green for a half second then it seems to try and charge as the light turns orange, then in a half second the led goes off, the laptop clicks and the screen dims and starts the process over. It repeats until I unplug.

It will do this while asleep or off. If I let the computer cool down it will return to a normal opperation when off or sleep but if I turn it on it will continue with this blinking.

I have reset the PMU a few time and this did nothing. I have restarted and zaped the p ram.

I am not sure if it is hardware or software? I have tried a new battery, I have tried a different outlet in my house and a different outlet in a different house.

The Power adaptor does not seem to be the problem.

Has anyone seen this and know what to do?

problem just started.

powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.2)