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Hi there,


I have a mid 2008 24" iMac that yesterday was working as perfect as always until I hear a 'zzzz' the screen goes blank and now it doesn't turn on. When It's plugged in and the power button is pressed, there's no fan, no noise, there's no sign of life.


Can anyone help?


This computer has been my pride and joy for 6 years


I don't have enough money to replace the computer but I do have a little to use on new parts if necessary but if there are free solutions out there I would be greatly appreciative. I'd say I am fairly competent in the inner workings of a mac and am therefore willing to open her up and manipulate the inner workings if necessary.


Thank you in advance for any help or solutions offered.


Kind regards,



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)