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I got an giftcard through my email, and when I went to redeem it, there's a link that says "Add card to passbook." I clicked it, and it showed me the mobile card (how it would look on passbook), and in the upper right corner was a button that said "add." I clicked it, and then went to my passbook, but the card isn't showing up there. How can I get it to add there?




iPod touch, iOS 6.1.6
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    Hello there, madbhav.


    It seems you were referred to us from the Knowledge Base article that provides the information you are looking for:


    iOS: Using Passbook




    Pass not updating

    If a pass isn't updating as expected, try the following:

    1. Ensure that you have an active Internet connection.
    2. Tap the info icon on the pass and check the last time it was updated.
    3. If it hasn't updated recently or if it doesn't appear to be correct, you can "pull to refresh" to update the pass.
    4. Turn on Automatic Updates.
    5. If it still doesn't update as expected, try quitting Passbook and opening it again. If the pass is still incorrect, check with the company or vendor that provided the pass.


    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.




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    I am having the same problem as madbhav. The solution you quoted is for passes already in passbook whose information is out of date. We are trying to get passes to show up in passbook for the first time. (I am using an iPod Touch 5G with the latest version of iOS 8, by the way.)

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    I am having the same issue both of the people in this thread are having. The first person, madbhav posted about the passbook issue, and a second person posted about having the same issue, and now I am posting that I am having the same problem, too. is anyone going to help us figure out the solution to this problem?

    I do not see the point in having this application, Passbook if it does not actually keep all of the other apps inside it. When I am in passbook, and I click "Find Apps for Passbook" and download the app, after I scan or enter my user informatio, the app shows up OUTSIDE of Passbook. How is that supposed to help me? It's just adding more apps to my phone, which I then have to create new groups for to keep my phone from getting too cluttere.