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hi all

i just recently upgraded to windows 8.1 and onedrive has taken over everything, thats fine BUT when i sync my phone or my ipad i get a MASSIVE ipod photo cache folder which becasue it is in the pictures folder whihc gets backed up automatically to onedrive two things happen

1/ it uses a shed load of my storage space on onedrive and

2/ it takes forever to sync


my question is, how can i exclude (or move) the ipod photo cache folder away from the onedrive folders without also moving the photos away?

or am i missing something obvious? I have tried asking the same question in windows forums and also direct with microsoft but cant get anywhere

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2
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    FYI, I'm having the same problem...so frustrating.  Is there anyway to change the preferences of iTunes to move the cache folder to any location other than my pictures folder that syncs with OneDrive.  It's killing my storage space...especially since I use 2x iPhones (1 for overseas) and 1x iPad.  The "iPod Photo Cache" folder is nearly 3x the size (6GB) of the actual picture files I have stored (2GB), which means that my photos are consuming an inexplicable 8GB of valuable online OneDrive real estate.  Any solution would be extremely helpful...

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    Also, if I delete the cache folder (which can be done safely), iTunes just keeps re-creating it every time I sync, which massively increases OneDrive syncing time since it has to re-create the folder online as well...

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    Sorry to hear you have the same problem but I sure am glad I am not the only one, I have tried other apps to sync the photos but it doesn't do it the way I want to so I am hoping onedrive come up with a way of excluding certain folders

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    Yeah, me too.  The only work-around I've been able to come up with is to move a majority of my pictures out of the OneDrive folder to a separate folder on my HD.  Then, when an iDevice is connected, go into iTunes and under the photos, select the photos from the location on the HD, not in OneDrive.  Of course, you now no longer have those pictures in OneDrive to share at all, but it does free up space...and puts the iPod Photo Cache folder on your HD instead of OneDrive.  I think I may be able to then use selective sync under dropbox or google drive to get some of those photos back into SkyDrive by including my Dropbox folder WITHIN my OneDrive folder.  I'll let you know if I ever get it figured out.  Let me know if you do the same...CHEERS!

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    Great idea, and I am just wondering if the we service ifttt has a recipe to copy photos from Dropbox to onedrive, that may be a decent workaround!