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For the last 2 years I have been lucky enough to have a problem free Apple TV setup, it has worked perfectly and I loved it. However, for the last month, since all the latest software and itunes updates it has been driving me crazy. Home Sharing will disconnect itself after say half an hour of watching something and then reconnect a few seconds later taking you back to the home page. Pretty annoying when it happens four or five times during a movie. Last night it took a turn for the worst and I can't even connect to media, getting an error message after a few minutes of the wheel of death.


From what I can see other people have had similar issues. Has anyone solved this yet? Can anyone point me in the direction of a possible fix? I'm guessing i'm going to have to wait for new updates.

AppleTV 2, Windows 7
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    These issues will be a result of an issue with the local network, typically interference. This can come about at any time.


    If on wifi try ethernet. Make sure router is up to date. Reboot ATV and router.


    Go to netstumbler and get a report of the network, look for signal strength and noise.

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    Thanks for your response vazandrew. My network has full signal strength at all devices.

    Everything is up to date and I have tried rebooting everything multiple times.

    As I previously mentioned everything was perfect until the recent updates and now it's struggling to stay connected.


    Tonight i'm going to place everything on a static IP address, see if that makes any difference.

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    What did netstumbler report?

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    I have the same problem and it just started after the last update. Can't make through a movie without it disconnecting. Very frustrating.

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    It is a network issue, see above

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    Vazandrew, thanks for taking the time to repeatedly comment. I appreciate it. However, would you mind being a little more specific if you do know how to resolve the issue? Are you able to suggest possible solutions?

    What i'm failing to understand is how a network that was running perfectly can one day fail. Was there something in the recent updates that has effected network connectivity?

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    Not sure how I can be any more specific. Interference is what will usually cause an issue like this and it can come about at any time.


    You need to go to netstumbler and get a proper report, doing tests on the devices themselves are not a proper indication. If you have done that post the results if you want to get further clarity. Using Ethernet will also help to see if there are wifi issues.


    Beyond that, it will be a matter of tweaking network settings in your router and you can refer to your manual if unsure.



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    I have 6 different devices on this network. I have Netflix, Hulu, etc streaming. I use airplay off of my iPad to send Amazon  Go movies to my Apple TV. They all work perfectly and never drop off. The only thing that drops off every time now is music and podcasts from iTunes to the Apple TV. This started with the last update. 

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    That doesn't rule out a network issue

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    I am experiencing the same problem. I am using a windows 7 desktop.

    When I disable-enable the home sharing in iTunes I get it ok for a few minutes. Then the connection is lost.

    I have no problem using airplay between other devices including a receiver which is not apple.

    The only problem is with the pc running iTunes

    I don't think it's related to network since all other connections are ok.

    I turned on the pc as a media server Dlna and was able to stream songs to my receiver.

    I suspect it's some iTunes issue. Ay thoughts?

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    Again, none of that would rule out a network issue. You need to verify as stated above.

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    Ok. Will use net stumbler later today and update

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    My main commuter running iTunes is connected to the network using an Ethernet cable not wifi. Thus I am not able to run netstumbler on it.

    Also I thnk it might rule out network problem.

    Ay thoughts?

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    Check firewall and security software. Make sure port 123 is open on the router