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I get an endless loop. "The Server Responded with an Error "--click OK. Next window "The Server Respnded with an Error"--whether click "go offline" or "return to server" takes me back to first window, ad infinitum. Can't change anything on calendar; cannot access ical Preferences. basically cannot do anything except Force Quit, whether logged into my account or my wife's [registered to my wife's yahoo! email].

Also cannot synch calendars now between imac, iphone, and ipad like we could in beginning. Using 10.6.8 because some of my peripherals not compatible with later.

This problem just started a couple of days ago [the server problem freezing the calendar, it hasn't been working properly for awhile and the calendar synch was lost when a friend upgraded the iphone software.]

What can I do to restore 1] the functionality of the ical? and 2] synching the imac, ipad, and iphone icals?

G4 Cube, Mac OS 9.1.x