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I need to be able to send photos one by one but many straight after eachother from my ipad to my laptop. I need to be able to do this via bluetooth or something that is wireless and not reliant on wifi. So that i can in turn send them to my printer via cable as my printer is not new enough to be able to have/create its own wifi. Can the laptop create a wifi like the new printers can? Or is bluetooth the only option - just not sure how to use this.

Thanks for any help or insight!!! Need to take photos of 125 kids one after the other in a 3 hour time period and have their photo printed - and i only have a HP C3180 which as i stated cant create its own wifi network:( HELP!

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    Have a look at Print n Share in the app store, with it and its mac os companion app, the mac becomes a printer host for the mobile devices and you use the print n share on your ipad to print to the defined printer.