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I recently cleaned my wireless apple keyboard and now am having trouble with it responding, typing wrong charactures and broadcasting un issued commands.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
  • Barry Hemphill Level 8 (37,327 points)

    Did you "clean" it with some sort of liquid? If so, buy a new one.



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    Worse still, did you use a spray?   Please continue with the thread because others may learn from what you did.

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    Care of cleaning....  Neither did I use spray nor get any liquid into the keys..   The unit was powered off with the batteries removed.  I used a damp cloth with detergent on it, being carefull not to get it too wet.  There was a lot of debris around the keys which I thought I got off without falling inside the keyboard. 

    Today, I used canned air to try to blow between the keys (not much help). I also turned the keyboard upside down and knocked it against my soft belly several times..  Wow, did a lot of sxxt come out.  So I suppose I have some debris lodged inside against the keyboard membrane.

    Any ideas other than a new keyboard?

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    You do seem to have tried to avoid the obvious problems.    Are the debries there because you normally work in a homely environment, perhaps not quite so pristine as a perfectionists might expect.


    I honestly cannot see other than a replacement, Gone2sea, and a gentle prod in the direction of keeping your housekeeping up to scratch in future. 

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    Excuse me....... "Seventy One".......


    Are you responding to individuals to offer suggestions on how they may fix a problem?




    Are you, on line, sitting in judgement on individuals hygine?


    Thanks for your suggestions but keep your opinions to yourself.


    Please continue with the thread because others may learn from what you did....

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