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I am in desparate need of some help as a Macbook Pro 13 (A1278) I was given has a fault. When I connect my charger the light will show as green and sometimes orange. Even though I left it on charge overnight the battery indicator does not show any charge, but while the power lead is connected the sleep light on the front constantly glows on and off at a steady pace with a 1 second gap.


There are no sound at all when the power button is pressed. No internal components can be heard, but even when I disconnect the power lead and press the power button i get a quick flash of the sleep light but no response. I have removed the battery and reconnected it but it still gives the same result. Before I contemplate buying parts like a new battery I just needed to know if anyone has had a similar issues and found the route of the problem.


Unfortunately the machine is out of warranty so the helpful people at apple are not so helpful anymore.