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Why wont my songs i recently bought from itunes on my iphone show up on my itunes on my computer??

iPhone 5, using windows
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    If you have Automatic Downloads enabled on your computer, but songs you buy on your iPhone don't download, first verify this information:

    1. Check that your device has an active internet connection.

    2. Be sure that you have the latest software installed on your device and your computer. Automatic Downloads requires iTunes 10.4 or iOS 4.3.3 or later. iPhone 4 (CDMA Model) requires iOS 5 or later.
    3. Check that your computer is authorized for your Apple ID. For more information about iTunes Store authorization and deauthorization, see this article.

    4. Be sure iTunes is open on your computer. Once iTunes is open, choose Check for Available Downloads from the Store menu in iTunes.

    5. Check to see that you are signed in on your iOS device or computer with the same Apple ID as is being used for your purchase.

    6. Check that you have Automatic Downloads enabled on your computer or iOS device. For information about enabling Automatic Downloads, see this article.

    You can find these steps here:


    Troubleshooting Automatic Downloads for purchased Apps, Music, and Books



    Additionally, you can download your past iTunes purchases on your computer using the steps found here:


    Download past purchases



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