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So this has been frustrating. Two MBPs connected by ethernet, both running updated Mavericks. Both have wifi turned off, both have firewalls turned off, both manually assigned IPs on same network (finally got to all of those things being done after only the source machine was not being seen in Migration Assistant). Trying to migrate one user from old machine to new.


Now that I'm here, and both machines are seeing each other, getting a matching code, etc... when I get to the page on the new machine where I select what I want to pull over from the old machine, it only gives me a few options. One being an Applications folder with a listed size of 0 kb, one being computer with 141 kb, and one being other files with 0kb listed. (I'm going off memory as I'm typing this on one of the machines I was trying to do this on.


No ability to select a user, etc. WHAT THE ****?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), Migration Assistant