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Safari+Chrome - both has this issue.

Therefor having suspicions about flash


Works fine if

  • close the browser
  • clean the RAM


The lagging appears on approximately 70% of playback

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    what are you using to “clean” the RAM?

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    • "Sudo purge" -  Terminal
    • Ram Purge - Magican - usualy this one (has a  hot button in toolbar)

    At the moment this is the solution I'm useing -
    But watching flash videos on MacBook became true hadaick

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    by “hadaick”, did you mean “headache”? If not, then I don’t know what “hadaick” is.


    The purge command only flushes disk buffer cache; it doesn’t do anything about other allocated RAM. I’m unfamiliar with Ram Purge; is your installed version of it compatible with Mavericks, given the radically different memory allocation scheme which was introduced in Mavericks?


    Which version of Flash Player do you have installed?


    Have you tried other video playing software, e.g. VLC?

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    Yap sorry about that - I meant Headache


    • You are so right it doesn't do anything with allocated RAM, that is why I use an external program Magican.
    • In a matter of fact purge doesn't fix the problem - I don't use it now
    • Well it seems compatible as it was installed fine and works with all it's functionality
    • Flash Plug-in version is installed.
    • VLC - you mean streaming videos? Never tried
    • Wathing video files offline works OK


    Also having the same issue with google music - CPU overload in browsers

    Changed to HTML5 player mode -doesn't seem to fix the issue

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    if watching video files offline works OK, then that would point to your network connection being involved in this problem. The lag could be caused by the video/music streaming rather than by a “CPU overload”, since the CPU is not being overloaded during offline watching. How much RAM do you have installed? Perhaps the lag happens because it doesn’t have enough RAM to work with, and has to write to and read from your hard disk during the streaming to keep up?

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    Well I have upgraded to 16 gb or RAM when first bought it))
    So it isn't lacking memory))
    +I am  controling it constantly


    Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 09.30.57.png


    The funniest thing is that - its is not always lagging.

    Just when the milestone of 70% of long video is uploaded to the player.

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    Videos offline are doing the same thing that the online streaming does.
    VLC player
    CPU is just like loosing it...

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    good, your additional testing has eliminated more possible causes. It’s not a RAM shortage, since you have 16 GB installed. It’s neither Flash Player-related nor network-related, since watching a long video offline in VLC also demonstrates the problem.


    Could it be a problem with your internal disk? If you copy your long video to an external drive, and play it offline in VLC from the external drive, does it still lag at the 70% point? If you copy it to an external SSD and play it from there, does the problem disappear?


    When you bought your Mid 2012 MacBook Pro, which version of OS X was installed on it? If it didn’t have Mavericks on it originally, you could try booting its originally installed version of OS X from an external drive, and see if the version of OS X makes a difference.

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    Found some more data


    1. Tryed to play the video that was lagging - both on external/internal drive - no difference - everything works fine
    2. Found out in default Activity Monitor the "kernel_task" - which is the process that overloads the CPU(ScreenShot attached)
    3. Another symptom - MAC is getting wild when trying to open Google Music in the browser -322 CPU
    4. It starts lagging when any browser is open for more than 5 minuts


    Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 02.41.11.png




    Is there a way to inspect kernel process tree (or smthing) to understand what is going wrong so I could never repeat that again)))

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    It started to seem that there is nothing to do with the browser

    It is just that I am using it permanently...CPU just overloads over time


    Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 02.38.24.png

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    have you tried disabling Magican, to see if its CPU demands are helping to overwhelm your video playback?

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    Yep, didn't help either. - it was the first thing I have done)))



    Strange it is... every time I am sure I finlay understood what is causing the problem  it turns out to be a coincidence.



    So In a matter of fact I think there is a programm that is sabotaging the system...maybe a virus I have accidentaly approved...

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    What happens when you install the original RAM?


    Have you tried a safe boot?





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    First and foremost, you need to completely uninstall Magician. It's garbage, and it may very well be causing your problem. If you're reluctant to accept that it's garbage, take a look at the results of my recent anti-virus testing, which included Magician's "anti-trojan" feature:




    Note that it detected one - yes, one - out of 188 samples, despite promising to protect you from malware. If that's not the very definition of "scam," I don't know what is.


    Make sure you remove Magician properly, using whatever uninstaller is provided by the developer.


    Once Magician is gone, you also need to stop clearing RAM. Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9) does its best to fill your RAM, because empty RAM is wasted RAM. Clearing RAM removes cached data from RAM that your Mac can reuse for improved performance. Your Mac will work better if you stop throwing roadblocks in front of it.


    If removing Magician and leaving the RAM alone doesn't fix the problem, try the suggestions in my Mac Performance Guide.


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