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I have read that you can not change your email address? Can you delete it from existance? If someone sends me an email to my existing @me account, will they receive a return email indicating that the email address is wrong? I want to make sure the email address is not longer accepting email. For example, if an employee is terminated, their account is deleted and the sender receives an email indicating an unknown account. Is this possible with @me account? I want to begin using a new @me email address. I dont want anyone sending me email at an old account and think I am checkig that account, in short, I want the account to be turned off.


A second question. If I create an alias account and begin using the account, and someone knows my "real" email account, will they bypass the alias and I receive an email? I probably know the answer.


Thanks for your input.


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    You can't cancel the account and its address. I assume you want to stop using the entire account, not just stop the @me.com version but continue to use the @icloud.com version?


    What you could do is to set up a 'vacation message' in the Mail preferences at http://www.icloud.com so that all messages to that address got a response. You would also set up a Rule to delete the message (to prevent the account filling up).


    I don't think an alias is what you want - it delivers into the same inbox as the main address. You would be best off signing out of the account and creating a new one altogether. For this you will need a new Apple ID.

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    If I create a new apple ID, what happens to all my music, apps, and everything associated with the existing Apple ID?

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    You can continue to use the existing Apple ID with iTunes. There is no connection between iTunes and iCloud and no problem about having different logins for them.

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    I can't beleive you can't delete / closeout an existing email account?

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    Well, believe it because you can't . Possibly it's to prevent someone else from picking up the email - you wouldn't want that to happen. As long as it exists only you can access it.

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    Hi Roger,

    You seem to be the guy that might know a simple answer to my question. I started several years ago with *****@me.com and then tried to migrate to *****@Icloud.com. Now I receive duplicate emails no matter what I do. How do I stop the duplication? Also, It seems like the accounts are intertwined somehow, so if I could delete the me.com account would my mail automatically go to the iCloud.com account?


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    As you gave your actual emails addresses and the Hosts have removed them in your own interest it's not clear what is going on. Is the text before the '@' the same in both cases or different? If the latter, do you have two separate accounts with their own IDs and logins? (Don't post any actual email addresses.)