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Hi my FaceTime applications are not working today!


I have checked my iphone4, my wife's iphone5, and our iPad with calling by phone number, email, with wifi and LTE.


I experienced the following symptoms on all devices:

-When placing a call, when the recipient answers both devices go to "connecting" until a popup says the recipient is not available.

-when receiving a call, after answering, the call is immediately ended


With their ad running iOS 7.1:

-I randomly experiencing a popup to inform me that I am not connected to wifi, even though I am connected to wifi and safari is functioning

-occasionally when placing a call the screen stays blank/black.  If minimized with the home button the clock bar is green as if functioning.  If pressed to open FaceTime again, the screen is still black.


Recipient and caller are receiving the calls, but not ever able to establish a connection.

iPad, iOS 7.1, Iphone4 and iphone5 also checked!
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    There are multiple posts about FaceTime so one can assume that Apple is having a problem with it at this time.

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    Im having the same issue....Hope fully they will get it fixed soon

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    Status isn't recognized yet by apple.  Have you seen anything acknowledging the issue?  So far support recommended the normal troubleshooting, but you're right that there must be a bigger issue.

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    Same issue like everyone else, FaceTime stopped working on all of our devices since Thursday April 17th.


    Devices affected:

    Four iPhone 4S all running iOS 6.1.3

    Two iPad 3rd Generation both running iOS 6.1.3

    Two iPad 4th Generation both running iOS 6.1.3

    One iPod Touch 4th Generation running iOS 6.1.6


    We can't use FT between any of these devices. Calls go through, but connection gets lost as soon as you try to answer incoming calls. We reset Network Settings on all devices, signed out of FT and logged back in, but still no luck

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    same problem for me.  Our ipad 2 is using iOS7.0.2, MacBook Pro OS X 10.6.8.  I don't think there are any problems between versions since we have not made any change.  It was suddenly happened since April 16th.  All the troubleshooting advice are not helpful.

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    Apple is aware of the issue.


    I would encourage everyone who has the issue to call AppleCare. The more calls they received, the more impact we'll make on the resolution of this specific problem.


    Please make sure to have follow these steps first : http://support.apple.com/kb/ts3367


    Forum Tip: Since you're new here, you've probably not discovered the Search feature available on every Communities page, but next time, it might save you time (and everyone else from having to answer the same question multiple times) if you search a couple of ways for a topic, both in the relevant forums and in the Apple Knowledge Base, before you post a question.

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    Hi, thanks for the feedback.  How do you know Apple is aware and working on the topic?  Shouldn't the status change on the system status page?


    I tried turning off FaceTime in setting and turning back on again with all devices and see no improvement.

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    Hi everyone, I found an app called Skype and it seems to work well as a replacement.

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    hi my wife is having the same problem she is working abroad o I got here an iPhone 5s and an ipad Air so we can stay In touch 3 weeks later FaceTime stops working on both devices that over a £1000 down the drain NOT happen apple