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     I'm trying to send photos from my laptop (Macbook Pro 13") that aren't in my iphoto, to my iPod Touch 5g via airdrop, but when i know i have the bluetooth and airdrop turned on, neither show up on either device.  They're both signed into the same icloud (and apple id).  The other solutions I thought of are emailing them... over a hundred, five 1080x1920 (or something like that) pictures per email, and then take the time to save each one, send them through iphoto (which i'm sure costs a few dollars in the app store, or send them through another internet based app (like dropbox).

     Are photos (and documents and stuff) able to send through airdrop if the two devices are logged into the same icloud? -thanks

iPod touch, iOS 7.1
Solved by lllaass on Apr 19, 2014 2:21 AM Solved
- AirDrop only work between iOS devices and between later Mac omputer, Not between an iOS device and a Mac computer. Do not ask why.- Transfer them using PhotoStreamhttp://www.macworld.com/article/2047670/up-and-running-with-photo-stream.htmliCloud: Photo Stream FAQ