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I attempted to syn my iCal calender with my Google calender.  I looked online for specific instruction which seemed pretty easy.  Apparently, it didn't work.


I got directions online on how to do this.  After I did as instructed, my iCal icon on the dock jumps up & down intermittently and gives me an error message saying: The server responded with an error. Access to account "Google" is not permitted.  The server responded: "HTTP1.1403 Forbidden" to operation CalDAVRefreshDelegateListQueueableOperation.  The it gives the choice to "go offline" or "ignore".  I have to click on offline to close the window.


I also see at the bottom of the account preferences window it says: The server where this account is located doesn't allow you to see availability.


So the syncing operation didn't work and I don't understand why or how to correct this.


Please advise.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.4), Came with iTunes
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    When I set up Google calendars in Calendar they tend to return this error for 24 hours, but work afterwards.


    I suggest you 'ignore' the error for a day or so and it may resolve itself. I think this happens becuse Google's servers do not update at the same rate.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Hi John,


    Thanks for this info.  When the "error" comes up, there are 2 choices (ignore or go offline).  When I click ignore, it just brings up the same error message(s) so the only option I have to make it go away is to press "go offline".  In other words "ignore" doesn't seem to be an option for me, which I don't understand either.....