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I have been adding my favorite pieces of music to a Playlist I have entitled, "Favorites". After transferring a number of songs, I suddenly saw the following message on the screen: "You are about to start playback. Do you want to clear the song previously added to up next?" Under that there are three choices: Play Song, Cancel, and Clear Songs.


I don't understand this message. I don't want to lose any songs. I just want to remove this message and continue transferring songs. I might add that in an effort to remove this message, I turned my computer off and on, but that didn't help. What is the problem? More importantly, how can I remove this message and not lose any songs?

iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)
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    That message applies when you have songs in your "Up Next" queue, and is asking what you want to do with the ones that are already in the queue.


    It does not affect anything in a Regular or Smart playlist, and it definitely does not lose songs from your library.

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    Well, believe it or  not, I don't know what or where the "Up Next" que  is, but since you said that I wasn't in danger of losiig any songs, I clicked on "Clear Songs," and the problem disappered. Thanks.

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    I clicked on "Clear Songs," and the problem disappered. Thanks.

    Enjoy the music!

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    Now I have to start using the "Spellcheck" that I believe can be used with this site. It is really disgusting to go back and see unforgivable mistakes that you have made. I assume that most people know that I know that "losiig" is not a word, but they might have thought that I don't know how to spell" disappeared". Well, since my own editing efforts sometimes lets things like this slip through, I'll be using Spellcheck in the future. [I just tried, and it couldn't be easier to use]