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Hi i just bought a macbook pro, and i am trying to connect my macbook to a printer

it is a Brother DCP-135C printer

im lost as to what to do, i have tried everything :/



MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Can't tell where you are, Rachbell, but Brother have service help in every major country, often by phone.   Call them.  Make sure you have your Macbook OS and version number and your brother details to hand.  Or...


    They may offer a manual to download.

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    Connect the printer to your Mac (probably via USB cable) and turn it on. On the Mac go to Apple Menu>System Preferences>Printers & Scanners. Bottom left-hand side of the window click on the '+' sign to add a printer. Hopefully it'll see your printer and add it to the left side of the window. If software is needed that it can't find already installed on your Mac, and you are connected to the internet, the software should be automatically downloaded and installed.

    If the printer is wifi capable, it's probably best to set it up via USB as I've described above first and then configure it for wifi connectivity. Post back if you need help on how to do this.

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    This Apple Knowledge Base article may help:


    Mac Basics: Printing in OS X


    ...You can find such articles by searching here:





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    thank you, ill give connecting via usb a go, what usb cord am i best to use, i think i may have to buy one to give it a go (:

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    Is the printer new? Normally there is a USB cable supplied with the printer. In my experience the cable is usually the standard flat USB connector at one end, and a square-ish connector at the other (this end plugs into the printer). Maybe there is still a cable in the box, if you still have it .

    If it is a wifi printer you should still be able to set it up without the cable, but it's not quite as straightforward unless both your router and the printer support WPS pairing.

    If they don't support WPS you'll need your wifi password available in order to configure it. Post back if you need detailed instructions.

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    I was never able to get my Mac connected to my Brother printer. Had numerous Mac users look at it and even some IT people, but it wouldn't work.

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    okay well i managed to connect my macbook to the printer via usb no worries. but i wanna try and connect it through wifi now because it will be a bit annoying having to connect it through usb each time i wanna print. My previous laptop - a samsung - connected to the printer wirelessly no worries.


    When i am setting up the printer i click the ( + ) button to add a new printer then i click (windows) at the top. then in the left box it detect "workgroup" then when i click on that "graeme-PC" is in the following box. then when i click on that it comes up with "enter your username and password for print server" and im stuck there because i dont know the username and password or how to get it??


    if i set it up as a guest it doesnt print anything?


    any ideas? thanks (:

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,679 points)

    If you connect the printer via USB and got it to print anything, you know it is basically working.


    If you want to print via WiFi, you need to tell the printer what IP Address to use, and what the WiFi password is so that it can talk on your Network.


    On some printers, you can configure this over the USB connection in advance. On others, you have to use your fingers on its Control Panel (on the front of the Printer chassis).


    If you have a WiFi Network that uses as the Router address, a good place to assign for the Printer is above the addresses normally given to computers, but below .254. .200 is usually a good choice if you have not already assigned it. For a Network, is usually available.


    Then you have to tell it the network password, so that it can talk on the Network.


    Then you should launch Network Utility and try to send it two or more Ping's and see that it answers.


    You may find this article helpful:


    OS X: Connecting a Wi-Fi printer to your Wi-Fi network


    Once it answers, Use Add-a-Printer, but do not use the default Browser. Use IP Browser, and specify its IP address. You also need to know whether it will use Internet Printing Protocol, LinePrinterDaemon (LPD), or hp JetDirect Socket (which is used by more than just hp printers). This information should be in your manual.


    If it sees the Printer at the Address you specified, it will make sure the correct Driver is in place for you.