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Ten years ago or more, I made a bunch of iMovies and burned them to DVD.  Thinking I might want to make more copies later, I archived the iMovie projects.

Flash forward: here I am years later, and I do want to open some of these project and burn them to DVD.

BUT my iMac is now  running 10.9.2, and iLife does NOT have iDVD!

I'm afriad to even try to open the projects, because now iMovie wants to 'update' the files, and as I understand it they are not backward compatible.

I guess my questions are these:

What would the new iMovie do with/to the 'old' iMovie files?  Would they open?  Would they look the same?  There were a lot of special effects, layering of sound, etc.  Would all that work?  Are all the movie clips, stills, and music/sound bits, contained in the archived project?

I'd really appreciate any help understanding what I'm in for.

Thanks in advance.


iMac (24-inch Early 2008), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    When iMovie 10 updates files it does not affect the imovie 9 (or earlier) projects and events folders so you can still use the old version of iMovie. 


    I believe that earlier versions at least back to iMovie 6 will still run under Mavericks but I'm not sure which is the earliest version that iMovie 10 can update.   There is no danger in trying.


    If you still have the old iMovie application are you sure you don't also have iDVD?  The update to Mavericks does not delete it.


    If you still have the DVDs you could also consider just duplicating them.  See for example: http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-Your-DVDs-With-Mac-OS-X