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since IOS7 i can not use my bluetooth.

Not in my car. not with my headset on me motor.


Just give me the solution to go back to the previous version IOS.

Its not my car stereo, its not my tomtom, its not my headset.


I am really ******, due to the fact that i can not use my phone in my car (handsfree by law or on my motorcycle)


Come with a solution, *i have already done like 3 hard resets.


If not, i know, 1 client less, is not going to bring Apple down, but I will go on to HTC again. No issues there.


I do have a choice, when apple can not provide me a solution thank god. HTC in this case.


Ps: dont say its my hardware. Its the tphone. Friend of my, who has more brains then me, has not upgraded his iphone and that one....no problems wih bluetooth.




iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1, 7.1....why???
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    Remove the pairings from the phone and the bluetooth device, reboot both of them, then re-pair them.


    If that doesn't work:


    Restore the phone.

    Re-pair them.


    Restore the phone as new.

    Re-pair them.


    If none of that works, make an appointment at the genius bar.


    Threatening to go buy something else isn't going to get you anywhere. We really don't care. You're not talking to Apple.

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    Thanks for answering.


    I have done everything you said.

    Restore as new. I will do that.


    Its not a threat, its frustration.


    And sorry, I thought this was an apple site.


    Again thanks for your answer.


    When I have restored the phone as new, I will try again.