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I've been trying to download itunes from the apple website onto my new laptop. It will download and save to my computer, but when i try to run the installing program, i get a message that says "Some installation files are corrupt. Please download and fresh copy and retry the installation". I've tried deleting and downloading it again 15-20 times and everytime i get the exact same message! Does anyone know what i should do?

Windows XP, Dell inspirion
  • pac_80 Level 6 (10,100 points)
    I think theres something wrong with apples download site, as theres a ton of these installation error post coming up today/tonight.

    Just to be sure tho scan your system with antivirus AND a adware/spyware program. also scan it with windows chkdsk
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    Well this hasnt been fixed for quite some time. When I tried to update my iTunes, I recieved the file is corrupt error and the rollback action caused my entire library to be deleted. Any chance some one could figure out to post a version of iTunes that works on the Apple site?
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    You need to scan your system as well, last night the iTUnes on apple.com was working, I think they just have a "Boo Boo" on there side tonight and it should be fixed in a hour
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    OK It seems there is a problem with apples server tonight, According to B Noir the one on the quicktime page atleast use to be on a different server so try going to the link below and download "Quicktime WITH iTUnes"

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    i tried that website and got the exact same message. I really don't think it's my computer because it is brand new. I don't know how there could be a problem with it yet. I scanned it today with my antivirus program, and i have tried turning that off to download it and downloading it on various days. It's just not working! I have the old version on here, but it didn't work before i got the old version either. And without the new version, i can't buy music or listen to music that i bought on my other computer and moved to this one
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    Just to eliminate other issues, scan it with ewido http://www.ewido.com adware is very sneaky and is added to your PC just by looking at things online sometimes.

    Even tho its new, there has been updates released between the time it was made and the time you recieved it so goto microsofts windows update and update windows. Goto www,dell,com and see if they offer ANY update for your model, here is a direct link to dell where you can enter in your model OR service tag http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/index.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen

    also run chkdsk on it. to do this goto "My Computer" rightclick the C drive (Or the drive windows is on) hit properties>tools tab. under error checking hit check now. In the pop up window check "Auto fix file system errors" and ok. Next pop up just hit "Yes" and reboot for the scan to start.
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    I guess I hadn't completely shut down my anti-virus program, and with that off it worked
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    THats good