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Hello randers4 or anyone else who can help! 


randers 4 - I hope you can help me as I have been advised by Demo that you are very knowledgeable about iCloud.


I have had a similar problem to mhurley16 although with more prior issues too.  My iCloud email and BT Yahoo email accounts stopped working on my ipad when at home about 2 weeks ago but when I visited my local Apple Store and used friends/family wi fi, they both work fine and my BT email is also fine on my PC.  I have spent many, many hours trying to fix this problem as I use my ipad to check emails every day and therefore find this whole issue very frustrating to say the least!  I have deleted and then added both email accounts to no avail - still fine on other wi fis - and today I noticed that the password in my iCloud account is shorter than the new one I set up a few weeks ago.  I therefore deleted and then added again my iCloud email using my new password and all details were verified successfully, but when I checked my iCloud details again, it is showing the shorter one again. I also logged in to My Apple ID account and used my new password successfully so cannot understand why my iCloud password is not using the same one as I thought they were automatically linked via My Apple ID.  I am now left wondering why these passwords are not the same, and whether this issue is the root cause of the problem of "cannot get mail" on my ipad?  If you can shed some light on these - or if anyone else reading this can help - I would be very grateful.  Thank you!

iPad, iOS 7.1
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    Just saw your message as I've been gone all day.  You don't need to be concerned about your password appearing to be a different length.  The password field on your iOS device will always show eight dots regardless of how long your password actually is.  If they account verified successfully you entered the correct password.


    If I understand you correctly, the email issue is only occurring when you are on your home wifi, and you can access your email from your iPad when connected to other wifi networks.  If true, that would indicate the issue is with your home wifi, not with your email accounts.  To troubleshoot this, check your wifi router to make sure it isn't blocking any required ports, as outlined in this article:, including 143 (If an IMAP account) and 993 (if using SSL).  You also might want to try simply unplugging your router for 15 seconds, then plugging it back in, then going going to Settings>General>Reset and tapping Reset Network Settings and rejoining your wifi.  (Note: resetting network settings will erase passwords for previously joined networks on your iPad, as well as recently used bluetooth accessories and VPN & APN settings, if any.)  If this doesn't help, download and install any available firmware update for your router.  Also, this article explains the recommended wifi router settings for use with iOS devices:


    Are you also having issues signing into your iCloud account?

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    Hi randers4, thank you for getting back about my query.  Your understanding about the problem just being on my home wifi is correct and yes, it is also affecting my iCloud email too.  I logged into my iCloud account today via my PC and all details were fine.  As it is now quite late, I will try the suggestions you have given me although I would just mention that I have already unplugged my router after I called my ISP last week in desperation, and plugged it back in without success - at this point, their technical support said there was nothing more they could suggest as they were having no problems with their servers! I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.  Thanks again for your advice.

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    You're welcome.  Let me know if I can help you further with this.

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    lynndiane wrote:


    I called my ISP last week in desperation, and plugged it back in without success - at this point, their technical support said there was nothing more they could suggest as they were having no problems with their servers! I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.  Thanks again for your advice.

    You could try something - more like shot in the dark. Go to settings and wifi on ipad and click on that little arrow next to name of your network. You will see line that says DNS. Try to change whatever you see there to or Please verify that you can go online in safari after you change it and then try to access your mail. If that does not help, do not bother with contacting ISP, call router manufacturer and read them part of Randers message about your port numbers.

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    Try this first - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.)


    Or this - Delete the account in Mail and then set it up again. Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Accounts   Tap on the Account, then on the red button that says Remove Account.


    How to delete an email account on your iPad t-on-your-iPad.html


     Cheers, Tom 

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    Good suggestion to try Googe's public DNS.

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    I don't really think it will work, but just in case if ISP dns server was not updated in a while... I believe you got it as always. I just really would not bet on what port is being blocked.

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    Hi randers4, well, I read the link page about the ports but have to admit to not understanding it but did try changing the ports to 143 and then 993, as you suggested, with no luck.  Also read the link page on wifi router settings and again, did not understand this and I cannot find Airport Utility on my ipad (model MC769B/A, version 7.1), and must admit to being lost by all the technical stuff. I also tried the DNS changes suggested by fromsouth but this was not successful. I have therefore today deleted and set again both my email accounts on the ipad with the following messages (as previously posted in another thread) and have no emails on either accounts:


    BT Talk21 EMAIL

    1          Deleted account

    2          Set up new account and after ipad has verified it, the following message is shown:

    The IMAP server “” is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the “Incoming Mail Server” field.  OK

    3          After selecting OK:

    New Account window is displayed with IMAP highlighted and Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server showing Host Name as: – options to select: CANCEL/NEXT. 

    4          I select NEXT and following message appears:

    Cannot Connect Using SSL – do you want to try setting up the account without SSL? – YES/NO

    5           I selected NO as I am aware I need SSL enabled and then select NEXT but following message appears:

    This account may not be able to send or receive emails. Are you sure you want to save? EDIT or SAVE

    6          I select SAVE and SAVE again so new account is saved. 

    7          When I select my Talk21 account again, it is shown as an IMAP ACCOUNT.  The INCOMING MAIL SERVER shows: Host Name – and the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER shows:  SMTP –  After selecting this, it shows PRIMARY SERVER – ON.

    8          When I select ADVANCED, the INCOMING SETTINGS show: Use SSL is on; Authentication – Password is ticked (and there are 3 other options: MD5 Challenge-Response/NTLM/HTTP MD5 Digest); IMAP Path Prefix /; Server Port 993.

    9          My ipad is still not receiving or sending emails via my Talk21 account

    HOWEVER, when I deleted and set up this account in an Apple Store, it verified all details and email account worked without any problems!


    iCloud EMAIL

    1          Deleted account

    2          Set up as new account, all details were verified and account was added but upon checking account, it is not receiving or sending any emails!


    Sorry to bother you and everyone else who has helped but I don't know what else to do and feel ready to throw my ipad with frustration at the time I have spent on trying to sort these issues.  Can you suggest anything else, that's not technical, from what I have explained above?  Many thanks for the time you are giving.

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    Second and last time - your ipad has no problem, your network is a problem. Good luck.

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    Thank you for your comments but I must point out that my ipad was working fine with both email accounts until approximately 3 weeks ago and then one day, they suddenly stopped updating.  I am therefore at a total loss as to what is going on having checked with BT, my ISP and my local Apple Store where they deleted and then set up again both accounts without any problems.  Clearly, it appears to be my Network/ISP but if they don't know what the issue is, then where do I turn? Kind regards.

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    I have to apologize in advance that unlike Randers, I am very rude and direct person. You right now remind me someone who lost her wallet in the very dark and nasty place and since it is very nasty, does not want to look for the wallet there and looks for it someplace else ( where it is nice and warm ). If your ipad works everywhere else is that your ipad that has a problem? Why even waste time with bothering troubleshooting ipad? You wallet is lost somewhere else. What is involved in your network? Usually it is either modem and router or modem and built in router. If your ISP does not know how to help, call your router manufacturer. You may have to pay, but at least it will not be waste of time. Good luck.

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    I have to agree with fromsouth, nothing you do regarding changing the settings on the email account, or deleting and reinstalling it will make any difference is the issue lies with your wifi router.  Since the accounts work when your iPad is connected to other wifi networks but when connected to your wifi network, you have a networking problem with your home wifi (even if it worked until 3 weeks ago).


    Suggestions include unplugging your router for 15 seconds, then plugging it back in, followed by going to Settings>General>Reset on your iPad, tapping Reset Network Settings, then rejoin your wifi network and try your account.  If it still doesn't work, go to the manufacturer's website for your router and see if there is a firmware update available for it, and if so, installing the update.  And finally, go into your router's settings to make sure it isn't blocking ports 143 or 993.  (Note: I'm not saying to change the account settings to these ports, but rather to make sure your router's security software isn't blocking them.)  If you aren't comfortable with networking issues, you might consider recruiting a tech-savvy friend to come over and help you do this.

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    Thanks again fromsouth and randers4 for all your advice - even the 'direct' ones from fromsouth - but can I just ask a possible silly question - I installed Bitdefender Total Security on my PC and wondered if this program can interfere with my network in any way?

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    Highly unlikely.

    Now I am going to quote Randers, cause you keep ignoring it but he gave you precise instructions to fix it and just too polite to insist


    To troubleshoot this, check your wifi router to make sure it isn't blocking any required ports, as outlined in this article:, including 143 (If an IMAP account) and 993 (if using SSL)."

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