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Windows users can protect their passwords, user ids, etc., with the Roboform program. Is there an equivalent for Macs, specifically Tiger's OS X 10.4.7 version?

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  • Kappy Level 10 (266,026 points)
    There are several ways.  First, when you create a new password and username for a web site you will get a dialog asking if you want them saved in your Keychain.  If you save them in the Keychain they are protected.

    If you need a database for storing passwords, user ids, credit card numbers, etc. and want them secured, then you can download one of many such encrypted database utilities.  You will find them at www.versiontracker.com or www.macupdte.com.
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    Thanks, Kappy. I'll look at both sites.
  • WBW Level 4 (1,260 points)
    One of my wish is to see RoboForm ported to the Mac. It works better than anything else. My bank doesn't allow safari/ff to save my passwords.
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    I was missing Roboform too until a couple of days ago.

    Try 1Passwd. www.1passwd.com

    It is an awesome Mac version of a "Roboform-like" program.

    It even imports all of your Roboform passcards.
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