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I've got an odd problem here and I'm not sure how long it's been going on ...


I have an iPhone 5s running iOS7.0.6

I have a Windows Vista PC running Outlook 2007

Itunes is V11.1.3.8

I do NOT use iCloud or a Microsoft Exchange server

It is just a local sync. from my PC to my iPhone....

(I was TRYING to keep it simple  )


I have been sync-ing my iPhone to Outlook for some months mostly successfully,

but have recently noticed an odd problem ... a few of my contact records are disappearing from Outlook and being DUPLICATED on the iPhone.

That is to say:  These contact records that have been deleted from Outlook appear TWICE on my iPhone ...


I'm not sure how many records are affected but it appears to be a small number.


I searched but could not find anyone with similar problem .... any suggestions appreciated!

IBM, Windows Vista