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How do i name photos taken with iPad 2?  I (try to) use it for work, (company issued), and i need to document location, building, issue and date for use during audits.  I wind up with a lot of photos and cant tell where they were taken.

Thank in advance.

iPad 2, iOS 7.1
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    in setting if you enable location services, camera, the location the photo was taken will appear in photos

    in photos, you should see photos, shared, albums, along the bottom if you select photos you should be able to see the date the photo was taken and be able to select the year the photo was taken and location

    in photos if you select a location a map will open showing the photos overlaid on the location the photo was taken

    this will only work for photos taken by the device, it wont work with photos imported into your device album


    you'll need a working wifi connection for location services to work on the wifi only ipad


    I think most of the photo editing apps would allow you to rename a photo on saving


    you could possibly create albums name them and save photos to them

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         Thanks for your response.  Unfortunately when I say location, I mean a very specific location, such as "POB II, stairwell D, landing 9".  The location service can't tell the difference between floors in a building and it will think all the photos taken in the same building were in the same place. The date is fine but that info has to go with the photo when I e mail it.  A file name will do that. (Maybe it does anyway?) 

    I need to be able to edit the file name of the photos on the fly, if I take a lot of them and then try to go back with another app to save it, I will forget which ones were taken where.  Nor do I want to switch between yet another app to name my photos while I'm auditing a space.  The audit program we use already requires logging in again every time I switch to camera. 


    If anybody knows how to name photos on the fly with an iPad please help.

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    You might be able to find a 3rd party camera app that allows you to save photos with your own file name

    unfortunately I don't know of any