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I use my Iphone 5 A LOT to take pictures and videos of my family (it's a lot handier than the bulky camera/video camera!).  I can't seem to figure out how to back up my videos to my computer/Itunes so I don't lose them (I'm not too concerned about the photos because I always upload them to Snapfish to purchase) - but the videos, I want to keep indefinitely...but they seem to take up a lot of space on my phone.  I already lost a bunch of videos last fall when I updated to IOS7 and didn't have my pics/videos backed up, so now I'm afraid to update to the lastest IOS software until I can figure how to do so.  My sister said that hers automatically back up when she plugs her phone into her computer.  I tired messing around with the settings when it comes to syncing and backing up, but I still can't seem to find them anywhere on the computer.  So, my 2 questions are: How do I back up videos from my Iphone to my computer/Itunes (is it one-in-the-same?) and how do I access them once I do??

iPhone 5, iOS 7