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I am not an expert but here is what I think is happening.


I create a new calendar event.

I then add attendees that I want to invite.

The attendees e-mail address is what they have set up as their iCloud ID.

The attendees do NOT use iCloud as their calendar (FYI I have NO way to know this ahead of time).

Because the attendees are registered in iCloud instead of receiving an e-mail notification of the event the notification is just added to their iCloud calendar (which they NEVER check).


End result is that the people I have invited to the event NEVER see the invite.


I would like to be able to force the calendar app to send e-mail notifications and NOT use iCloud. However, I am using iCloud personally to sync my calendar between my iPhone and MacBook.


I think that if all the people I invite would go into their iCloud calendar and select the option to receive event invitations as e-mail and not as in-app notifications all would be good. It is just NOT realistic for me to require all the people I invite to events to make this change.




OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)