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When my children are playing games is there a way to stop pop ups for new games? Its constant and they cant sit and play a game? Also is there a way to play without pop ups asking for money? Feel like these games are all a con to get you to pay a fortune

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    The games that you download for free always have pop ups for ads. The developer has to get paid for his/her work somehow. The ads help subsidize the cost of the app so that you don't have to pay for your kids to play the game.


    The real easy solution is to purchase the paid version of the game and the pop up ads should go away.

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    Half the games i wouldnt waste my money on tbh. I have 3 children and have paid for a lot of games. But if id to buy every game they try id be bankrupt. But u didnt really answer my question as a lot of the time the pop ups can be for other games not related to the one there on!!!

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    I think that you are still missing the point. You are experincing this pop up ad thing with games that you downloaded for free. When you download the paid versions of those games, the pop up ads go away. The developer sells advertising in order to be able to give you the game for free. The ads have nothing to do with the particular game that you are playing. It is merely paid advertising - like TV commercials.


    Nobody is twisting your arm to purchase games for your kids. You are downloading the free games out of choice. The price that you pay for "free" games, is that you must sit through the pop up ads.

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    Oh ok so after spending £479 on the tablet i now need to pay the same again in pointless games just to stop pop ups lol

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    Most if not all 'free' games are really just adware. Like said, the developer has to get paid somehow. Paid games are ad free or at the very least, ad reduced. (I've paid for my angry birds app but still get ads for their other products and games)


    You may also want to vet the games. Some developers are more easy to work with than others. Read the reviews and look at the ratings. There are some 'games' out there that are nothing but ads and very little game. This will usually be reflected in the ratings. Download cruddy games, get cruddy ads.


    If you haven't already you may also want to restrict in app purchases since most games anymore are 'free' but want you to pay to play via in app purchases. If your children are playing games unattended they could rack up quite a bill without even realizing it, so locking out in app purchases is a way to protect against that.

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    The games you install and purchase are your choice to make. If you don't like the ads being displayed by some free games, don't download them or delete them. If you don't want to purchase the games, deal with whatever ads the developer of that game chooses to use.


    The price of your tablet is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what kind of device you are using... if you want to use more than the default, preinstalled apps, you must either purchase them or download free apps, and if you choose to stick with free apps, you must be willing to deal with the limitations of those apps. At least on an iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) you don't have to worry that these apps might be malware, like you would on any other device on the planet. Ads are the worst you have to deal with.