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I have an I Mac vs 10.6.8

My mac mail vs is 4.6


Summary of the facts:

1. I am able to receive all e-mails through MAC mail from everyone.

2. When I send e-mails through MAC mail, everyone gets it except a few people.

3. When sending e-mails There are no messages that indicate that it could not be sent. All of them appear as if it was sent.

4. Establishe a g mail with Apple Co and The same problems are occurring.

5. When I go through the OPTIMUM WEB mail, I have no problems. Everyone receive the e-mails.

6. When I go through the Google WEB mail, I have no problems.

7. When I use my husbands computer and I use his MAC mail, I have the same issues as on my computer. His MAC mail vs is 5.3

8. When I use my husband's computer and I go through Google WEB mail, the message goes through, and there is not a problem.


I have a CASE # with Apple, but they don't seem to be able to do anything about it.


Is there anyone that knows something about this. Thank you.