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I've tried resetting but it wont connect to itunes store to allow me to set up my itunes account. Thanks in advance

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    This is a known Issue by Apple - They seem to have fixed it, but now the network keeps dropping and downloads stop. Time to switch to Microsoft or Android, this has been going on for over two weeks now and they want me to pay $35.00 to troubleshoot it. I am fed up with APPLE - and they do not care.

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    I have the same issue here.

    Reset already,either apple tv and router, flashed firmware twice and nothing.

    Even iCloud account is working from the apple TV device under the same account but

    every time I try to connect to itunes store it says "Could not connect to iTunes store".


    Should we pay $70.00 in order to get this fixed and avoid having the problem again Apple?

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    This is is a user forum, you aren't addressing Apple


    Make sure DNS is set to automatic (settings - general - network). If on wifi try Ethernet.


    Go to istumbler (Mac) or netstumbler (PC) to get a report of the network, look for signal strength and noise.