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I am using imovie 10.0.3 , and iphoto 9.5.1


I have never used iMovie before, and wanted to start , I have roughly 50 gigs of pictures and movies in iphoto , and want to import the movies to iMovie so I can edit them. I have read that when you plug the iphone into your mac, that the movies are suppose to automatically import to imovie (this never happens for me).


Is there a way to import my movies to iMovie now that the are in iPhoto ? Will it sort for me automatically, or do I have to search over 13,000 files, looking for video and import one by one ?


If it's one by one , I will never use imovie and give up.




Solved by Tigervision on Apr 26, 2014 3:50 PM Solved

Don't do it that way if you don't want problems with date/time stamps... ever since 10.0.3.

Read latter half of this Braden: