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am owning macbook pro mid 2010. the system restarts suddenly or get stuck in between. after restarting system displays the following msg. "your computer was restarted because of a problem. panic(cpu 2 caller: gpu panic: and kernel extensions in backtrace)

kindly suggest the solution.

if it is an hardware issue than the parts are very costly in india.

what i should do ?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), model 2010
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    priyatam desai,


    if your Mid 2010 MacBook Pro is a 15-inch model, then you should be aware that some 15-inch Mid 2010 MacBook Pros have defective NVIDIA GPUs. Since you’re experiencing GPU panics, yours might be one which has this defect. Apple had a gratis servicing program for this defect for three years from the MacBook Pro’s date of purchase; they still offer the servicing, but it’s no longer guaranteed to be gratis. You should consider making an appointment at your nearest Apple store or Apple-authorized service center to arrange for them to run their Video System Test, which can confirm the presence of this defect in your MacBook Pro’s NVIDIA GPU.

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    thank you for your kind reply.

    i will certainly call nearest apple store and will do the needfull.

    hope they wont charge me.

    in Goa the aaple network is very low and it is a monopoly situation here.