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I have several AirPorts(IEEE802.11AC) and setup these AirPorts at each corner of the office to support the feature of Data Romaing.

The AirPorts are connected to a Radius Server(Operation System is Centos 6.5 with freeRadius)


The setting configuration of each AirPort devices are as following:

SSID Name: PY_5G-1.

Authentication Method: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise(FT and Data Roaming enabled).

Key Secret: 12345678

Radius User Name and Password: test/test


we expect that when Wi-Fi tablet(New IPad) moving from current corner(AirPort A) to others corner(AirPort B,C,D) Wi-Fi tablet should switch to the corresponding AirPort(AirPort B,C,D). After setting up the environment and doing the test we found that Wi-Fi tablet switched to the corresponding AirPort but the feature of Data Romaing doesn't work(because in the meanwhile we captured the 4-ways handshake's packets via packet sniffer tool). 


We hope to have the full user guide which should indicate how to setup the Data Roaming environment or how it works.

It will be great if there is a contact window.

Here is our contact information:



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