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I have a Mac mini server used as a file server and a user that access resources on the server. I am able to access the server shared resources from any Mac with no problem. However, when I map a shared folder residing on my Mac mini server to a windows machine, I can only access the shared folder as the local admin of the Mac mini server, but not as the network User created and given permission to access that folder. The maping is done from the windows machine: \\Server_IP_Address\mr_user. 


Any hint to resolve this problem will be great:


Mac min server is running OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 (Both AFP and SMB are enabled)

Windows Maching is running Windows XP.

Server & Client are both on the same network


This only happened when I upgraded from Lion to Mavericks.

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), Accessing a mapped Network Drive
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    Hi, I no longer have a Windows machine running to test this, but on the Mac, do a Get Info on that folder, see if you can add R&W rights for the Win username if it isn't there.

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    Many thanks for your reply. I have tried what you said, but still didn't work. A teck from Apple enterprise support said that Windows XP would not connect to Mavericks - Of course I don't believe this, for I am able to map and connect a drive from Windows XP to any Mac mini server shared folder as the local admin of the Mac mini server. Had Windows XP not been able connect to Mavericks, then no  network user would've been able to map a drive. Two things I will do: 1- I will test a mapping connection from Windows 7/8  to my OS X Server 2- I will install a fresh OS X Server installation. I am suspecting that the upgrade from Lion to mavericks I made has issues. Either way, I will post an update. - Thanks again.

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    You might also want to double check that the user has correct permissions in System Preferences > Sharing for the correct folder being shared. Also click the options button and follow the windows file sharing instructions there.


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    @ SilverSkyRat: Permission were all correct, but no connection login as a network user. Thank you for your input


    @ BDAqua: You are right. Thank you also


    I received the this link from Apple regarding my connectivity issue: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4945?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


    However, I found a simple solution to over come my problem: here is how I did it:


    1- I created a Network user jsmith using Server App with password as "password"

    2- Then went to System Preferences\Users & Groups\ and create a standard user account as jsmith with the same password as "password"


    Then I was able to map my network drive that resides on the Mac mini server to a Windows XP machine. Both password of jsmith has to be the same in order for the mapping to take place.


    This solution resolved my connectivity issue. However, there is one thing I do not like about it:


    1- I have to make sure that when a user changes his/her network password, I have to change his/her password at the server...it is double the work


    2- Everytime I create a Network User Account, I have to create the same account on the local server with the same password.


    Thnak you All for your input



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    Good work, thanks for the report!