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Brian Findlay Level 1 (15 points)

Ok, first what this problem is NOT;


Not a problem getting the network configured.   I am at school, have my own Apple Express creating a network, both my iPad and ATV connect to that.  It is not 'hidden'.  And the problem is not that airplay drops occasionally.


The problem is that a few times a day, when I pick up the iPad and try to connect - the airplay button simply isn't there.  The only way to retrieve it is to reboot the ipad - then all is normal. 


Right now, the ipad is connected and mirroning fine, but when I pull up the control center thingy at the bottom of the screen, the airplay button IS NOT THERE.  Even though it is connected.  The usual blue fringe at the top indicating a mirroring connection is not there either.  I have no way to 'politely' exit from airplay mirroning - and they symptons seem to match not being able to join in the first place - the absence of that dang airplay button.


iOS 7.1.1 on ipad, and the latest on the ATV.  Checked the Apple Express router - it also is up to date.


Toggling airplane mode does nothing (but does obviously break the connection). 


I think this is a full on bug - but maybe I am just missing something. 


Suggestions on how to manually DISconnect from mirroring without powering down the iPad?