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I was looking on iPhoto at some recent photos I took and decided to edit ("adjust") a few- I'm in full screen mode and my Macbook pro freezes. I can't get out of the program, it's not moving, and the esc button isn't working, so I just shut my computer down. Well crap, when I turn it on it has erased my iPhoto library entirely. All 3000 some photos since I've had this computer for Christmas. What the heck? I tried downloading some recovery programs, and doing the "control+command" and open it and have it "rebuild" thing... I'm just mostly lost and would love ANY help with recovering these pictures!

MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    Specifics help: What recovery programs did you download? and what did you do with each one, excatly?


    What does " doing the "control+command" and open it and have it "rebuild" thing" mean, and what was the outcome of that?


    What version of iPhoto and the OS do you have?