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My MacBook Pro running mavericks keeps stalling different parts of then boot up process (up to 1 hour at parts).


I heard this could be a hard drive failure so wanted to enter recovery mode to backup my hdd


I can't get onto the screen where you see the two harddrives but even when I click on recovery hdd it leads me to the grey screen with a spinning wheel and hangs there infinitely (hours)


What can I do to get into recovery mode and make it work

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    Rather than using disk-based Recovery, try Internet Recovery - after the startup sound, hold down the command, option and R keys whilst booting. You'll (eventually) see a globe on the screen and your Mac will boot from Apple's servers into Internet Recovery. You should be able to use Disk Utility now, although there's no guarantee that your disk will be salvageable.



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    Even if you use the Online Internet Recovery system there is no provision for backing up your Mac in any of the recovery systems. They are for reinstalling OS X or restoring your Mac from a backup you made prior to any hard drive problems and for doing certain maintenance operations using Disk Utility.


    Sounds like you have had a hard drive crash and or failure.

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    Since an early 2011 MBP came with installation disks (Snow Leopard), use them to access the internal HDD and determine the status of same.  It will be much simpler that trying any Internet approach.



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    >>there is no provision for backing up your Mac in any of the recovery systems


    Disk Utility can create a disk image of the whole drive, or selected folders.