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I'm using Mac OS X and my web browswer is firefox. I have accidentally deleted my browswer history, I wonder how to retreive my deleted history from firefox? Can anyone help me with that?

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    Hi Glazeginger,

    That's an interesting question, I use Firefox and I can't seem to find anything about recovering history after deletion...

    I suggest you go to the Firefox Forum, it's where the Firfox Gurus hand out...

    Good luck, Rick

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions

    The history data file can be found in your User Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/default.tra/history.dat

    When you delete the history file, Firefox creates a new one the next time you open the browser. In the meantime, only data recovery software is going to offer any prospect of recovering the deleted file - a very expensive option. OS X eventually writes over deleted files - hard to say when. However, the more activity on the computer, the sooner this event occurs.