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I am sure that this question has been asked before somewhere here, but I could not find it when I searched.

I know that OS 9 games will not work on an intel mac, but is there a PowerPC version of Baldur's Gate 2 that will work on my intel based Macbook Pro? When I am at the store or the internet, I can never tell if it is for OS 9 or PowerPC.

If Baldur's Gate 2 cannot work on my Mac, something is really wrong, because that is probably the best game of all time. I really don't want to use Bootcamp either because the whole reason I moved from PC to Mac was because Windows OS is so terrible (and OS X is so nice).

*crosses fingers*

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    i dont think it was made.....sorry BG and BG2 were both great games, try Neverwinter Nights, I have been playing that for some time now, and I love it
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    Yes, BG2 'Shadows of Amn' and the expansion pack 'Throne of Bhaal' are available for Mac OSX. I doubt if they are updated as a universal binary however, because they appear to be out of print - but I guess they will run under Rosetta because the speed requirements are not great.

    Macplay (www.macplay.com) was the publisher and their site only had ToB listed - but you can get second hand copies on amazon - and probably ebay.

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    MacBook Pro 15.4 1.83Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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    Thanks, but how can I tell (when I buy BG2 off of amazon or something) if it is for Mac OSX or Mac OS 9?

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    Baldur's Gate II SoA includes the OS9 and OSX installers. I have SoA myself on my MBP. It runs fine, a little laggy in accessing the menus here and there, but I have the stock 1g RAM. The graphics, even jacked up all the way, are pretty dated, but thankfully the gameplay is amazing. If you want something with better graphics try Neverwinter Nights.
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    Thanks, you answered my question.

    I have another question though, does it fill the entire MBP 15 inch screen (wide screen)? thanks
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    Oh, and another question: why does apple not sell Baldurs Gate II on their website store?