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I am buying an Apple Air and want to transfer files including a book I am writing on Pages.


I am not very tech savy. I have been told, however, by a number of friends I can save $1000 and do this myself.


I don't mind giving it a whirl, but i don';t want to loose anything in the transfer, And, I was hoping this was a fairly quick, fool-proof, process.


I have looked into this a bit and was wondering if I need two (2) Ethernet cables? That is,one from the Mac Pro to the Ethernet and one from the Apple Air to the Ethernet? Or, is it one just one cable to the Ethernet? And, if so, from the Apple Pro or the Apple Air to the Ehternet?


I'm assuming a dsiplay box appears on either or both of the notebooks? Perhaps prompting you to transfer everthing you have on the Apple Pro hard drive to the

the Apple Air hard drive? Or, to selection files? Dumb question: I assume my book, which is written on Pages is on The Apprle Pro hard drive? Correct? Or is it on a file folder separately?


I appreciate any feedback yuou may have.


Again, is it striaghtforward and easy to accomplish?





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