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So I just bought my MacBook and it was discounted as an "Open Box" which meant that someone had bought the computer and shortly (less than a week) decided that they did not want it. So because the person would have begun setting up the computer and using the computer's serial number to download Apps they would then cost money for peoplel like me who purchase them. This person did not purchase GarageBand because I got it for free, but iMovie and iPhoto both are $14.99. The salesman told me that I could use Apple's Up-To-Date program to get these Apps, however, when I tried to I am only able to get iWork and not iLife. How can I get iMovie and iPhoto without having to pay for them? I also have just updated the computer just incase that was not allowing me to get iMovie and iPhoto but that was not the problem.


MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)