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The other discussions about this didn't seem to lead to the answer, so I thought it was time for a fresh start. How do I print a Playlist? I have a list of twenty-three songs that I want to forward and also to print, and I don't want to be bothered with typing each of them. I've done this before, so I know it can be done, but I can't remember how I did it. Can anyone help. Incidentally, I did see a YouTube presentation on transferring a Playlist to Dropbox, and I'll be using it--later. It's just that it's a bit difficult, and the method for printing I'm looking for is quite easy.

iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)
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    I tried again, and it  easy, very easy, embarrassingly easy. All you have to do is open iTunes, go to File in the menu bar and click on PRINT in the dropdown menu.

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    While researching this, I found something that was amazing--to me, anyway. I just hadn't known that you could export WORKING Playlists. To export a working Playlist: 1. Open iTunes 2. Click on File in menu bar>Library>Export>Desktop. This possibility has probably been around forever, but I never knew about it. I've tried to do something like this, but I always failed; then, today, I found the way by accident. That's real serendipity.

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    I WAS WRONG! You can't export WORKING Playlists this way. It would be amazing, marvelous, and wonderful if you could, but you can't. So, until there is a better way, I'm sending my Playlists via DropBox. It's tedious and bothersome, but it does the job...eventually.